Lease Agreement For Cbse School

Dear guest, thank you for your reply. Even CISCE`s membership rules also state that the area outside the city should be equal to or greater than 4000 m2 (43,000 sq ft.) or 3 Bighas or one hectare. However, I have seen in many other consultation sites that it takes 2 hectares, so I was now 100% of your response. Are you available for the opening of the ICSE school? In that case, I`ll email you my request. Thanks, I`m going to open a new govt Pre School at 12 o`clock, as I can. Please send me all the information about this If the first recording is in popular language, the equivalent must be interpreted in Hindi or English in addition to the name and stamp/seal of the giving power. The principal of the school should make an affidavit on the interpretation itself that interpretation is the exact interpretation of the first protocol and that nothing has been included in the content of the first report or removed from the content. Kya bina real school building ke Mill sacte hai Dear Abhiney, First of all, I would like to thank you for the above information on land `other. Please tell me how much cultivated land is needed for the opening of the CBSE SCHOOL – ICSE. There are standards for space, library, laboratories, playground size. Hy sir, I want to set up a school.

what the requirement is. what to do to create a school under the name of delhi public school.???????? / Dear Mayur, this is a fabulous idea, you`ll be pleased to know that there is a category called Special Innovative Schools created by CBSE in the 2018 CBSE Bye Laws, these schools can now take the CBSE affiliate. We run a school in Gomoh- Dhanbad district, Jharkhand. Our 30-year lease covers 5.25 hectares of land. But the country is not coherent. They are located on two lots. 4.25 hectares and 1 hectare. The school building is located on 1 hectare of land.

There is no construction on the 4.25 hectare site. I`d advise you. The school must have mandatory EPF registration for teachers, in accordance with labour laws. The school should have its own EPF registration account. The EPF account on behalf of Society, Trust and Company, which runs the school, is not satisfactory. Mr. Singh, I have responded to your e-mail. Please check Hello, I would like to buy running school in Himachal, which is under H.P Board so, what are the things or ducoments that I need to love abhiney , I joydeep .i want the membership of school is in the area kolkata Corporation.the country of the school is 20 much land need for membership in kalka? The school must provide health and hygienic toilets on each floor with washing machines for boys and girls separately. Toilets for primary school students must be made available separately. There should be separate restrooms for employees. Signs must be prominently displayed in toilets in all categories. Abhishek, All the basic information is there on my blog on several articles I also wrote about how you start your construction costs in How to start school in India, please read.

Sir meri land under mubcipal area h gda land h 2400 mt kya me cbse 10 tk ka school open kr skta hu Question 2: What things are to be care off while buying a school? I want information about the standard of the school cbse and I need some type of documentation necessary for the membership of the new school cbse. I am the owner and principal of the school, but I do not want to transfer or lease the land to the that we can get lord belonging.