Windows Server 2008 R2 Agreement Number

and I click Next, contributing, contributing, that after installing the roll server (system), it is possible to restart automatically: automatically restart the destination server if necessary, install the management > install the terminal server license. We see that the server found on our computer is in the un enabled status. Click the right button, we say activate the server. Select the type of automatic connection. We insert your personal data (name, name, organization, country – strictly those that were entered when Windows was installed). I left the next page (e-mail, address) empty. We`re waiting. Select a server from the server pool: srv-serv (, Next 9) If everything is in order, we get the required license server ID, the site not having to close, it will be useful for us to obtain customer access licenses (CALs) in the future. I have a clue. For everything to succeed, you need to know: 1) 25-digit serial number (five times five digits) Windows 2000 server, based on which product code xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; 2) Based on the product code, a 35-digit license server code is generated (seven times five digits); 3) Based on the code of the license server, family, name, organization and 7-digit registration contract number, the 35-digit license code (seven times five digits). 7) On the terminal server licensing site, select the option Activate the license server and tap Next Select the version of the product for which you receive the license, in my case it`s Windows Server 2008 R2, select a client or device, and at the bottom, you`ll write the number, it all depends on greed.

You can get a maximum of 9,999 licenses for remote dis-use services.