California Secretary Of State Llc Operating Agreement

Your address does not need to be inside California. If your LLC documents, financial documents, company agreements, and other business records are kept in an office outside the state, you must list that address. First, thank you for sharing this information. It`s really appreciated. I have a question to complete the LLC-1 for a California LLC. Nowhere is it asked if it is an LLC with one or more members. My intention is to create a single member LLC. In number 4 of the LLC-1, you mentioned that we should insininpate the control box, the management to.. “All members of the LLC”; But would I also do it since I want to be an LLC with a member? Finally, I would like the LLC to be passed on the 18th code allows someone to ask for a specific filing date as long as we are within 90 days of that date, which I am. How and where can I say it? Maybe on an attachment in a certain way? I`m doing this so I don`t have to pay the $800 for 2017. Once again, THANNKS! Step 10 – Signature(s) – Enter the date of execution of the agreement between the members in TT/MM/Y format.

A brief explanation of how LLC is taxed is made in the California LLC`s corporate agreement. If you are creating a business unit, you must designate a California-registered agent (or agent for trial delivery). The State requires companies to appoint a registered agent in order to ensure a reliable point of contact for legal correspondence. If your LLC is ever sued, the service of process will be served on your registered agent. Charles, thank you for your kind words. CA doesn`t ask for individual members in the organization`s by-articles, so you don`t have to worry.